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1-3: Installation stills and video of moving images + photo's of Installation in Situ.

Circadian Rhythms

Chelsea College of Arts, London.

Audio installation

19 mins

Circadian Rhythms is a collaborative installation involving artists Samuel R Webb and Tong Hua, shown as part of 'RALLY', the master degree graduate exhibition at Chelsea College of Art 2021.

Inspired by encounters with nature and wildlife in rural Kent, and by the contrasting urban environments of central London, the four-part symphonic composition of sounds and moving images utilises a variety of original field recordings, captured in each of these locations, as well as Nanjing in China, remixing them with audio-clips obtained online to gently guide the audience through an atmospheric sonic journey.  

The artists intend to use this composition as a starting point for future collaborative installations.


We recommend experiencing this piece in a quiet, dark room, with a good sound system or pair of headphones.


Full composition can be found here

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